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Diamond's Customer Showcase

Kenny Duttweiler - Speed Demon

“We use Diamond pistons with crown and skirt coatings and tool steel coated pins. They’ve performed better than anything we’ve tried in the past. Diamond’s quality is excellent and their service outstanding.”

The “Speed Demon” is powered by a “Hellfire” 347-cubic inch small block engine using two 82mm Precision Turbochargers burning alcohol to challenge Al Teague’s long-standing 406.321 mph FIA record. The unique “Hellfire” powerplant is designed and constructed by Duttweiler.

The 462-mph exit speed, clocked after the end of the flying mile and not valid for FIA records, exceeded the Burkland family’s 450-mph exit recorded on September 20, 2000, (using two supercharged nitro-burning Donovan Chryslers), and each intermediate time is now the fastest speed ever clocked by a wheel-driven, automotive-engined machine.

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Fulton Competition

Fulton Competition specializes in large cubic-inch aluminum Chevrolet engines and custom nitrous systems. Gene Fulton developed the Viper Internal Nitrous system – an original custom nitrous manifold that is often imitated but never duplicated.

Fulton Competition serves more IHRA Pro-Modified nitrous racers than any other engine builder. Gene Fulton and his team of engine specialists bring 34 years of experience to every engine. Fulton engines are built by current and former racers with actual hands on attention and end to end oversight by Gene Fulton.

From Street Racers, Nitrous Quick-8 and 10-inch Tire to Sportsman and Pro-Modified, Fulton Competition constructs custom engines that lead every racer to the Winner’s Circle.

To contact Fulton Competition they can be contacted at the following:
Fulton Competition
2150 Chesnee Hwy
Spartanburg, SC 29303
Phone: 864-583-3089
Website: Fulton Competition

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