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Billet Pistons

Diamond's New Inboard Billet Pistons

Diamond’s new inboard billet pistons with buttons are designed for racers who regularly replace pistons in a hurry and who desire the special features of a modern inboard piston design.

Compared with the removal of the secure yet unwieldy spiral locks or round wire locks, changing buttons is remarkably convenient. In addition, on pistons where the pin bores intercept the oil control ring groove, the buttons prevent the expander in the oil control ring from distorting around the half moon openings in the back of the groove, a deficiency more prevalent in power adder engines.

Billet pistons, on the other hand, present virtually unlimited design potential, allowing for last-minute changes to bore sizes, cylinder head shapes, valve sizes, valve pocket depths, pin boss dimensions, load paths, and so on. For teams embarking on new engine development programs, billet pistons are often the intelligent choice. Most of the pistons currently in use in Sprint Cup and in Pro Stock drag racing are made of billet aluminum.

But the cost of the billet item has always been higher than its forged counterpart. Three years ago Diamond began investing in new equipment and tooling to accommodate the production of affordable billet pistons. They also increased their engineering department and expanded their design team - initiatives to further the production of the billet piston.

Available in a natural finish or hard anodized or with a ceramic crown coating, or moly skirt coating, the delivery of these new inboard billet pistons with buttons is promised in three to four weeks.

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